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Selling Online 2.0 July 18 with Mike Miller

Tried Craigslist? Tired of garage sales? Remember when EBay still used to be FUN?!? If you've got a basement and garage full of great stuff that you just KNOW there's good money in listen in as Mike Miller shares how you can still have fun (and make a few bucks) selling your stuff online ... the Web 2.0 way!

In addition to being a regular on the TechTalk show, Michael Miller has written more than 90 nonfiction how-to books over the past two decades, covering both technology and musical interests. We've interviewed and reviewed his most excellent iPodpedia and Googlepedia, and most recently had him on to discuss Speed it Up!

Mr. Miller has established a reputation for clearly explaining complex topics to the average reader and for offering useful real-world advice. Find more information at his website,