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DocuDesk PDF Creator

From the company's website:

Docudesk’s deskPDF family of products provide a simple yet elegant solution for creating PDF documents. In a single click, users can produce high quality PDF’s from almost any application. deskPDF provides all the features of more costly products and more, plus the industry’s best customer support, making deskPDF the best value on the market.

I received a review copy of this software a few months ago, installed it on both my XP and Vista machines and then promptly forgot about it ... when I finally got around to making use of it, I couldn't wait to let you know about this great product!

I have Adobe Acrobat Pro for work, and have used many of the free products that are available out there for simple PDF creation, so I'm basing my review on that experience.

Installation - a breeze, literally click run and it goes. No compaints in either XP or Vista on this one!

Ease of Use - about as simple as it gets. Like most PDF converters, this installs as a print driver, and you just have to select it to print your document from any application out to PDF.

Feature Set - One thing that sets deskPDF above the free options is definitely the extra feature sets - you have security, quality, compatability, and even watermarking/stationery options!

I also love the right-click 'convert to PDF' option that deskPDF installs automatically. It forces it through the print driver of course, but particularly when doing a batch of docs this saves a ton of time.

In addition to all that, deskPDF is fast ... far quicker than my copy of Acrobat Pro that I had been using. I have to admit that for 95% of my PDF creation needs now I'm relying on deskPDF instead of Adobe, for the speed reason alone.

What it won't do - There certainly are reasons why Adobe charges so much for their product; an integrated environment, forms creation, online and active database connectivity, and etc. Most of us will never need to do any of that, particularly if you have a small business or are a home user, but you should be aware that deskPDF will not support or replace these features.

THE RUNDOWN: I hate sounding like a shill, but there really isn't much I can knock deskPDF down for! I do think that for home users the many free options out there will probably suffice, but if you're looking for something a little more reliable, with support, speed and some great features but don't want to pay the exhorbitant Adobe Acrobat Pro price - deskPDF is a great option!

TechTalk Overall Rating:
  Compatability: Cost: $20 - $30
  Economy: Website: http://www.docudesk.com