TechTalk Swag!

I know, almost everything we talk about on TechTalk is cheap or free, but occasionally there's something that's good enough to pay for!

Not only will you find links to a lot of the best tech stuff we talk about on-air, but we'll also bring the best stuff we can think of direct to you ... including T-Shirts and other assorted TechTalk paraphanelia!

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Astound and amaze your friends ... well, maybe we can't help you do that, but we can at least keep you from wandering around half naked all the time! With everything from polo shirts to zippered hoodies and prices starting as low as $12.50 before shipping, you won't want to pass this by. If there's anything you want that's not represented here just drop me a line at and we'll see what we can do!

These products are produced locally in Fox Lake, Illinois by the fine people at Dreamstitching - go to for their complete catalog and price listing or to get your own embroidered logos and gear!

Included on every product, the TechTalk logo design will be embroidered in the left hand pocket position and is ~3" high.

Select a product below to view pricing and other detailed information. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestion let us know at!




Looking for Hats? MousePads? Dancing Bears?

Not seeing what you want here? Don't worry, be happy, and check out the TechTalk CafePress Swag-O-Rama! There's hats, mugs, mousepads, dancing bears, anything you can think of ... check it out today, buy your mom a TechTalk present, and remember that between now and February all profits go straight to the American Lung Association!